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You Should Rent An Offsite Meeting Room. Here’s Why.

Meetings are important, if not vital to the survival of a business. These are places where ideas are gathered, reports are analyzed, campaigns are established, and decisions are made. Research shows that executives spend as much as 23 hours a week on meetings–you’d expect a lot of progress made from half a work week–yet the outcome is not always satisfactory. 

An alarming number of 71% senior managers report that meetings are unproductive and inefficient. Reasons for fruitless meetings vary, from messy agenda to poor leadership. But if you have ticked all the boxes and still see virtually no improvement in meeting efficiency, chances are that the problem lies in the space. A change of sight can lead to a change of mind; consider renting an out-of-office meeting room in a co-working space and see these positive changes in your teamwork. 

Increased Creativity

If you are holding back-to-back meetings with your strategic teams without any new idea for your next campaign, chances are that your employees are running out of creative juice. The same old decorative paintings and same old view from the window make no food for thought. At the same time, nothing kills imagination more quickly than a repetitive setting.

In an offsite meeting room, the story is different. Given that everything is new and novel, anything can be a source of inspiration: a wall decor, a touch of greenery, a street view, even a catering bar or a stranger your staff meet in the co-working space. 

Research shows that in a larger space, or at least in a space that gives the impression that it is larger, our mind enjoys a mental boost. Renting an office at a co-working space means that you can choose from a variety of options to fit your budget and your headcount. At InspireHub, our meeting rooms are specifically designed to give a feeling of a large and open space, so that your employees have all the best conditions to come up with the next great idea.

Large meeting room

Improved Collaboration

Imagine Monday morning, you walk into your weekly report meeting, and the building next door hasn’t stopped their nerve-wracking construction sound. The room looks straight into your office where the desk is filled with paperwork from the past week piling up. Can you stay focused and engaged in the discussion? Your employees probably feel the same.

An offsite room away from noise and work-stress is the answer. Without these distractions, your staff can finally put their mind to the meeting business. As a matter of fact, more engagement means more effective collaboration. There is no better occasion to divide your group into smaller teams and get them to craft some ideas together.

The COVID-19 situation is posing extreme mental strain on everyone, especially those working remotely in an isolated place. Take this out-of-office meeting opportunity to gather your co-workers in a spacious room, design some team-building activities and fun presentations, and see a remarkable improvement in physical collaboration. 

Medium Meeting Room

Enhanced Relation 

By relation, we mean employee relation. Attending a meeting in a brand new environment doesn’t feel like working, but more like enjoying a reward–a brief escape from the burden of the day-to-day office setting. Your staff will feel happy and special, and that means two things: they work more effectively and creatively when they are upbeat, and they spread the good words about your company. An easy hit two birds with one stone. 

The change of space isn’t the only treat. Along with the rented room come catering services and amenities; for example, InspireHub provides snack and refreshment bars, shower room, bbq rooftop, and printing services. Access to these add-on features is a great encouragement to your employees. It is a way of saying that you trust them and value their contributions to the organization. 

In short, when you get your employee’s creative juices flowing, allow them to bond and work as a team, and make them feel rewarded and recognized, your team’s productivity is bound to shoot up. Before you can think out of the box, you should first get out of the box. Next time you feel your meeting is starting to drag on, think about changing your environment by renting an office at InspireHub. Contact us now!

Why Should You Join a Co-working Hub that Holds Community Events?

After days of research, consultation and discussion, you have settled on purchasing a co-working hub membership for your next projects. However, there is still one more challenge to tackle: among a sea of same-same co-working spaces, which one should you choose? If you are weighing two options with the same membership rate, choose one that includes regular community events that are free to join. Here are the perks of becoming a part of a community-oriented co-working space. 

You make work more fun

In a traditional co-working space, the workplace is simply a workplace. But in one that entails a running club and a yoga space, the workplace can be a relaxing place and a healthy place too. You will have more energy coming to work every morning, because you are earning money and enjoying yourself at the same place. 

Plus, these inhouse facilities save you tons of time and money. Rather than having to commute from the hub to your gym during rush hour, you can readily join your co-workers for a yoga session just a few steps away from your desk. Likewise, signing up for a DIY or a painting workshop to detox your mind has never been easier and more convenient.

Christmas Card Workshop

You expand your network

Admit it, if you are only staying in your own block, chances are that you will never talk to others who share the same co-working space. Community events present a perfect opportunity for you to get to know others and bring them into your network. 

And it never hurts to expand your circle. There at the fitness club or at workshops you may find a friend who shares the same passion, a potential client, a professional partner or the one soulmate that you’ve been looking for. 

Lantern Making Workshop

You sharpen your soft skills

Reaching out and participating in a community may seem overwhelming, but stepping out of your comfort zone is the first step to improve your communication skills. It is wiser to start at casual events, because the burden of appearing professional and on point is taken off your shoulder. 

At DIY and painting workshops organized by InspireHub, everyone is welcomed in an open manner. Take baby steps and always ask for help when needed, and build up your soft skills from there. 

Painting Workshop

You improve your mental health

High levels of stress not only lower your productivity but also lead to health-damaging illnesses such as anxiety disorder, depression, bi-polar disorder. A research by the Health and Safety Executive found that in 2019/20 in Great Britain, 828,000 workers suffer from work-related stress, depression or anxiety. It is clear that you need a work-life balance, and joining a co-working space with regular community events can be a solution. 

As mentioned above, these events turn a workplace into an enjoyable place. What’s more, being in a community with like-minded people keeps you social and connected, and so prevents you from feeling excluded and lonely. Meanwhile, it is a widely known fact that your body produces happy hormones when you exercise, especially when you do it with other people in a running club or a yoga class. 

Yoga Class
Running Club

You broaden your horizon

You may be an expert in your own field, but there is always something else to learn. Attending workshops and events is an effective way to explore and learn things not within the boundary of your specialty. If you are a software engineer, try taking part in painting and literary workshops. If you work in the creative industry, a business-sharing event might be worth your time. 

Back in the old days, you know your field and you’re good. But in a fast-changing time with unexpected turns of events (COVID-19 doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon), adaptation is key. And in order to quickly adapt, you need to familiarize yourself with a variety of fields by constantly learning and staying up-to-date. Co-working hubs that hold community events like InspireHub are those that answer to that demand. 
All in all, buying a seat at a co-working space is already beneficial in many ways, yet becoming a member at a hub that organizes events takes those benefits to a next level. You are not only investing in your present self by keeping a work-life balance, but also preparing for your future by expanding your circle, sharpening your social skills and stocking knowledge. Check out our membership plan at InspireHub or contact us now for a chance to join our events and clubs!

Five Ways To Boost Your Work Performance

Monday morning, you are 200% pumped up to execute your new idea into a superb and jaw-dropping project. You skip into the workplace and for all you know, eight hours pass by without a grain of productivity. Don’t blame everything on you just yet, maybe the problem lies in your office setting. Add some green, hang some decor, adjust lighting–here are the ultimate four tips for an inspiring workplace to boost your performance.

Have more spaces 

Sticking to a table or cubicle for eight hours straight drives everyone crazy, no doubt. There are so many pros attached to a variety of spaces: a personal office and a meeting room mean multifunctionality for your different needs, while a shared lounge and an outdoor fitness space give your employees chances to relax, socialize and take a restful break to improve work productivity. 

At the same time, different spaces encourage more movement, and more movement means more creative incentives and healthier employees. Sitting for too long results in decreased blood circulation which in turn negatively impacts our cognitive functions. Choosing a co-working space that includes diverse work spaces can keep you and your employees engaged and on the move throughout the day, and that translates to a boost in work performance. 

Let nature in 

A plant or two in your office can brighten a gloomy day and make you feel much more alive. Studies show that greenery not only creates a sense of calming balance, but also enhances staff’s concentration and well-being by 47%. At Inspire Hub, we plant trees here and there, indoors and outdoors so that you can spot some green and feel more inspired to work everywhere you look.

Another factor is natural light. It is a rule of thumb that one never underestimates the influence of lighting on both plants and humans. People who are frequently exposed to sunlight have more creative energy, positive moods and work productivity compared to their sun-deprived co-workers. If you don’t have a window in your office, try to provide an open area where you and your team can get some fresh air and take your daily dose of vitamin D. 

Add some arts 

A work space with only white walls after white walls is boring and does no good to your creativity. Consider adding a painting, a photograph or some nicely designed decors to liven up your work environment. Who knows if a modern artwork may inspire an idea for your next marketing campaign! Colorful details improve your mood and encourage you to work more productively.

Of course, arts can be music too. Rock or heavy metal is probably not a suitable genre, but some morning jazz and soft tunes might as well act as ambient noise to boost your concentration and work performance. 

Arrange snack bars 

You can’t focus on work when your stomach growls and so do your co-workers. Have a snack bar ready so that your staff can get break-time carbohydrates to boost their energy. It doesn’t have to be a fancy in-house canteen for lunch (though it will be awesome if you can afford); a simple cabinet with cookies and granola bars will do. 

A lot of people need daily caffeine intake to work productively, so include tea and coffee to your refreshment list. A membership plan at Inspire Hub grants you full access to our pantry where organic tea and coffee is always available. Send in an order and our baristas will serve you a performance-boost espresso shot in no time.

Keep atmosphere cozy

As mentioned above, plants and natural light add a friendly touch to your work space, but what keeps it cozy is fragrance. A soft and light scent like jasmine, lemongrass, citrus or eucalyptus makes your office feel like home, which increases your mood and work performance. 

Also take note of room temperature, as it can greatly affect your concentration level and creative energy. According to research, 25 to 27 Celsius degrees (approximately 77 to 81 Fahrenheit) is the ideal temperature for optimal work performance and output. Remember, the most minor details make the biggest difference.

Adding everything at once can put a strain on your budget, so take it one at a time and observe a gradual improvement on your work performance. If you are looking for a quick boost, check out co-working spaces like Inspire Hub where everything from indoor plants and outdoor spaces to decorative artworks and inhouse pantry is readily available at a reasonable cost. Check out our membership plans or contact us now!

Seven Reasons Why You Should Use Co-working Space

Ten years ago, no one would have imagined such a thing as co-working space existed, let alone blooming across the globe and becoming a part of millennial culture. In the past decade, many small to midsize businesses and freelancers have transitioned from traditional offices and noisy café to co-working hubs because of the obvious benefits that they offer. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a cost-effective rental option for your team or a freelancer hoping to increase productivity, here are the seven reasons why co-working spaces is the answer for you.

Individualized functions

Maybe you need a conference room for professional calls with clients, a pantry for break-time snacks and coffee or simply a reserved table with a city view to get inspiration for your next artwork. At co-working spaces like Inspire Hub, everything from A to Z is well provided to cater for your own needs, and that includes event hall, meeting rooms, private offices, dedicated desks, a pantry, shower rooms, a bbq rooftop (Impressive, yeah?). Simply choose a package that works best for you and enjoy all the utilities available. If you have any special order, our Customer Service is here to listen. 

Flexible scale 

When it comes to start-ups and unstable economies, flexibility is the key. Co-working spaces make it easy for you to scale up or down your business with just a few clicks to change your membership plan. No more rigid leases that drive you crazy and take your focus off work during times of chaos that require 200% of your attention. You prioritize your job and leave scaling concerns to us.

Improved mental health

Ever heard of working in shared spaces with like-minded people can improve your mental health? Working at home may sound tempting in the first place, but you will soon be consumed by boredom and loneliness along with negative thoughts that might threaten your mental well-being. Co-working hubs offer open spaces where you get to connect with people and make new friends, which in turn enhances your mood and positivity. 

Increased productivity

People who work alone tend to mess up their work schedules by forgetting to clock out for lunchtime, struggling with writer’s block, or simply burning too much time watching Youtube videos. Research shows that participating in a progressive environment where everyone around you is working can significantly increase your productivity and creativity as well. Join a co-working community today and get inspiration for your next awesome project! 

Networking opportunities

More people means more network, and more network translates to more opportunities. You can join both professional and recreational community events, find people who share similar hobbies and interests, and even jobs and projects that bring in revenues. Who knows if your next clients are sitting next to you everyday, or the teamplayer you have been looking for is right across the hall? Collaboration opportunities are just around the corner.

Reduced costs

Take your mind off set-up costs, various monthly bills and amenities coverage with an all-inclusive package that, again, is customizable to your requirements. Co-working solutions allow you to pay only for the spaces and services you need. A basic monthly plan at Inspire Hub with a dedicated desk that covers printing, 24/7 shower room and coffee bar access as well as meeting room usage comes at only the price of two cups of coffee a day. 

Personal growth 

Chances are that you can gain a lot from your co-workers who come from diverse backgrounds. You can learn how to fix a projector from a mechanical engineer, get tips on how to use Adobe Premiere effectively from a video producer, collect some ideas for your new product from a copywriter, and the list goes on. Co-working spaces encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, learn new things and grow everyday. 

In a nutshell, co-working spaces is a cost-effective solution that offers great flexibility and opportunities for you to nail your next projects and clients. Perhaps not all of the seven benefits mentioned above apply to your business, but you can always ask for a customized option that fits your requirements. Choose from our fixed packages or contact us now to secure a place at Inspire Hub today!