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You Should Rent An Offsite Meeting Room. Here’s Why.


Meetings are important, if not vital to the survival of a business. These are places where ideas are gathered, reports are analyzed, campaigns are established, and decisions are made. Research shows that executives spend as much as 23 hours a week on meetings–you’d expect a lot of progress made from half a work week–yet the outcome is not always satisfactory. 

An alarming number of 71% senior managers report that meetings are unproductive and inefficient. Reasons for fruitless meetings vary, from messy agenda to poor leadership. But if you have ticked all the boxes and still see virtually no improvement in meeting efficiency, chances are that the problem lies in the space. A change of sight can lead to a change of mind; consider renting an out-of-office meeting room in a co-working space and see these positive changes in your teamwork. 

Increased Creativity

If you are holding back-to-back meetings with your strategic teams without any new idea for your next campaign, chances are that your employees are running out of creative juice. The same old decorative paintings and same old view from the window make no food for thought. At the same time, nothing kills imagination more quickly than a repetitive setting.

In an offsite meeting room, the story is different. Given that everything is new and novel, anything can be a source of inspiration: a wall decor, a touch of greenery, a street view, even a catering bar or a stranger your staff meet in the co-working space. 

Research shows that in a larger space, or at least in a space that gives the impression that it is larger, our mind enjoys a mental boost. Renting an office at a co-working space means that you can choose from a variety of options to fit your budget and your headcount. At InspireHub, our meeting rooms are specifically designed to give a feeling of a large and open space, so that your employees have all the best conditions to come up with the next great idea.

Large meeting room

Improved Collaboration

Imagine Monday morning, you walk into your weekly report meeting, and the building next door hasn’t stopped their nerve-wracking construction sound. The room looks straight into your office where the desk is filled with paperwork from the past week piling up. Can you stay focused and engaged in the discussion? Your employees probably feel the same.

An offsite room away from noise and work-stress is the answer. Without these distractions, your staff can finally put their mind to the meeting business. As a matter of fact, more engagement means more effective collaboration. There is no better occasion to divide your group into smaller teams and get them to craft some ideas together.

The COVID-19 situation is posing extreme mental strain on everyone, especially those working remotely in an isolated place. Take this out-of-office meeting opportunity to gather your co-workers in a spacious room, design some team-building activities and fun presentations, and see a remarkable improvement in physical collaboration. 

Medium Meeting Room

Enhanced Relation 

By relation, we mean employee relation. Attending a meeting in a brand new environment doesn’t feel like working, but more like enjoying a reward–a brief escape from the burden of the day-to-day office setting. Your staff will feel happy and special, and that means two things: they work more effectively and creatively when they are upbeat, and they spread the good words about your company. An easy hit two birds with one stone. 

The change of space isn’t the only treat. Along with the rented room come catering services and amenities; for example, InspireHub provides snack and refreshment bars, shower room, bbq rooftop, and printing services. Access to these add-on features is a great encouragement to your employees. It is a way of saying that you trust them and value their contributions to the organization. 

In short, when you get your employee’s creative juices flowing, allow them to bond and work as a team, and make them feel rewarded and recognized, your team’s productivity is bound to shoot up. Before you can think out of the box, you should first get out of the box. Next time you feel your meeting is starting to drag on, think about changing your environment by renting an office at InspireHub. Contact us now!

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